symsuit and wearables

How to use

Global Information


User Guide

You will receive a link to the user guide with the delivery of SYMSuit. In this way, you can comfortably look up, read and see the necessary information at any place via a mobile device.


The information on this site is intended as initial global information.

Risk of use

SYMSuit is made of clothing fabric, the wearables of silicone and dye, the accessories of plexiglass, plastic and rubber materials. These materials can be used without danger outside the body with or without SymSuit and do not pose a health hazard. They are expressly intended only for the purposes as described in the product description and user guide.


Clothing fabric

SYMSuit is made of a stretchy fabric with a comfortable fit.


SYMSuit in 2 sizes: L (40 in US/UK) and XL (42 in US/UK).

Way of wearing

SYMSuit is worn over one's own clothing. This allows SYMSuit to be worn by multiple adult female and male users. SYMSuit can also be worn directly on the body. From a hygienic point of view, a subsequent user can only use this after cleaning.


SYMSuit can be washed at a low temperature or chemical cleaned. Possible stains are easy to remove.


As with all clothing, the length of use will depend on the number of times SYMSuit is worn and washed. The fabric used has a long life under normal use.

Method of attachment

SYMSuit contains several mounting locations for the wearables. The connection can be made quickly and easily using an ingenious system. This without using external mounting material. The connection is so strong that the wearables remain in place in a standing position.



The wearables are made of the best silicone, which enables realistic simulation. The color used is lifelike, as are the fine-mesh veins. The wearables feel as real with a functional application that does justice to practice. It is possible to match the color to your preference for larger quantities. The wearables are durable and designed for frequent use.


The wearables can also be used separately from SYMSuit. For this you can order a display holder with which you can practice both at table height and in a standing position.

Use of water and air

The wearables intended for injecting can be injected with water or air. An ingenious system takes care of the drainage.

Fluid reservoir

The wearables intended for catheterization, irrigation or probe insertion are attached to a fluid reservoir. The coupling by means of a simple and quick click system guarantees that no leakage occurs. So you can practice dry, especially important for those who have taken on the role of patient.


The use of catheters and probes requires a lubricant such as silicone spray. This is water-based to prevent stains on SYMSuit.


The wearables are easy to clean with water. Stains are removed with soap. Dry before storing.

SYMSuit All-in

SYMSuit All-in is a complete set with all necessary training materials as described on the website. All this stored in a handy case that you can easily take with you. All simulators are neatly stored thanks to the case with functional inlay. Use at various locations is possible. This option is also useful for trainers who are mobile and train with their clients.


Because we are convinced of the durability of SYMSuit, we provide a 1-year warranty. For the exact conditions, please see our General Terms and Conditions on this website or ask for it.

After-sales service

After purchasing SYMSuit, we will continue to support you. We remain available for any questions, explanations or otherwise. This is because we believe in long-term cooperation that benefits both parties.