SYMSUIT and Wearables

How it's made

First-class craftsmanship

SYMSuit as a patient simulation suit is made by hand. The clothing fabric in skin color provides various mounting options for the wearables. SYMSuit encloses the wearables seamlessly for the most realistic practical approach possible. SYMSuit is preferably worn over clothing and has a comfortable fit.

A mold has been made for each wearable in which silicones as the most important component are poured. The wearable is removed from the mold and colored with veins and specific features drawn in. When purchasing larger quantities, any desired skin color can be applied. The functionality and durability is tested. This also applies to the product finish before approval can be given to the end product. The production process takes weeks. The expected delivery time after placing the order is 10 weeks. SYMSuit and Wearables are given a 1-year warranty under normal use. See our GTC.