tracheostoma complete


tracheostoma complete - Medical silicone application

€ 1.295,00

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Tracheostoma Complete Medical Silicone Application with voice prosthesis contains the following parts:

  • Tracheostoma

  • Suitcase with interior

  • 1 bottle of silicone spray

  • 1 x Shiley Cannula

  • Optibrush (4 pieces)

  • Laryvox Duobrush (6 pieces)

  • Metaline gauze compress 8 x 9 cm (5 pieces)

  • 1 Fahl cannula strap

  • Humidostom O2 (2 pieces)

  • Optibrush swab small (30 pieces)

  • 1 x Larivox Tweezers

See the description for the specifications and demonstration video.

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tracheostoma complete Equal to the Tracheostoma Single with 8 extra parts.

For nurses and docters is it important that patient is well treated. You can train your technical and social skills with the Tracheostoma Complete Medical Silicone Application. You can easily attach the application around the neck. See our video below for a demo.

A tracheostoma should be cared for several times a day. The frequency of care depends on how “fresh” the tracheostomy or stoma is, whether the patient has a lot of sputum and if there are any complications. The aim of a good trachea care is the prevention of respiratory tract infections.

In addition, it is important that the voice prosthesis is well maintained for optimal functioning.


  • The tracheostoma is adjustable

  • The color of the tracheostoma can be adjusted to your wishes

  • The opening is suitable for a cannula No. 8 or smaller

  • Maintain and cleanse the skin around the tracheostoma

  • Maintain and clean the tracheostoma

  • Maintain and clean the voice prosthesis

Three different applications can be supplied:

A Tracheostomy with voice prosthesis

This allows nurses to practice the skills related to the care of a client with a tracheostomy.

A Tracheostomy without a voice prosthesis

This allows doctors to practice the placement of the voice prosthesis.

A Laryngostomy with a narrower opening and a trachea

With the finger you can feel the wall of the trachea. This allows nurses to practice the skills related to the care of a client with a laryngostomy.