SYM abdomen simulator

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SYM abdomen simulator


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SYM Abdomen Simulator as Multi Skills Trainer (7 skills, see below) makes it possible to train on a real person, for example a fellow student. SYM Abdomen Simulator is attached to SYMSuit.

With the SYM Display Holder and SYM Fluid Reservoir you can train separately from SYMSuit.

Medical and Nursing Skills to practise with equal preparation and implementation as usual in your healthcare institution:

Subcutaneous Injection

Learning to inject subcutaneously in a good and safe way.

Suprapubic catheter

Practise suprapubic catheter care.

The suprapubic indwelling catheter is introduced into the bladder via the abdominal wall, just above the pubic bone, and fixed by means of a balloon or suture. So there is a direct connection between the bladder and the outside of the body. The suprapubic catheter generally causes far fewer problems than a catheter through the urethra (urethra).

Bladder irrigation is the rinsing of the urinary bladder for medical reasons via an indwelling urinary or suprapubic catheter.

You can train:

  • providing an indwelling suprapubic catheter

  • changing an indwelling suprapubic catheter

  • rinsing the bladder with a syringe or rinsing bag

  • connect, remove, empty catheter bag

Colostoma - ostomy care

Practise colostoma care.

The care for a stoma for faeces (stools) is central.

  • colostomy irrigation

  • clean & dry the skin around the stoma

  • apply and remove stoma bag

Scar care - laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Practise scar care. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with four smaller incisions that leave scars

Jejunostomy feeding tube

  • tube feeding using a syringe or feeding pump

  • change jejunostomy tube

  • administering nutrition and medication via J tube

The various used catheters open into a reservoir, which makes it possible to introduce liquids such as water. This also makes it possible to rinse and empty the bladder via the suprapubic catheter.

Fo the subcutaneous injection water or air can be used as. The water is automatically drained via an ingenious system.

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