Portable skin tear Wound


Portable skin tear Wound – Medical Silicone Application

€ 785,00

Zero VAT - B2B - in & out side EU Based and VAT registered


Portable skin tear wound. Wound care can be practiced and tested on the 8 x 10 cm Medical Silicone Application.

The application can be attached to the body with Velcro.

The type of wound can be determined entirely by the organization.


  • The wounds are easy to apply to the body

  • The wounds are adjustable

  • The skin color of the wounds can be adapted to your wishes

  • The type of wound can be adapted to your needs

  • The wounds are easy to clean

  • All wound treatments can be applied

Wound care is a very important topic in healthcare. A lot of research is being done. The most important lesson from this is: if you do it right, it goes well too. Wound experts show that if you treat wound care in a good and consistent way, wounds close faster and the quality of life improves significantly. It is a bonus that it also saves time and money. The application is available in the form of a normal wound and a skin tear wound.