Portable ostomy applications


Portable ostomy silicone applications

€ 699,00

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The stoma care application set, which can be attached to the skin, consists of the following parts:

-5 ostomy applications

  • Normal ostomy

  • Double-barreled stoma

  • Recessed ostomy

  • Mushroom stoma

  • Ostomy with erythema

-Case with interior

-Pros-Aide skin glue

-Skin glue remover

-Cotton buds

-Mini dryer


The number of people who receive a stoma increases every year. Numerous people currently have a colo, ileo, or urostomy. Ostomy is a broad concept. It is not only about the care that is given before, during and immediately after the operation, but also about the daily care of the stoma. Realistic and practical training is the key to acquiring the necessary skills for good stoma care. The stoma applications are easy to attach to the body by means of skin glue.