female genital area


female genital area – Medical Silicone Application

€ 1.675,00

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This application is also unique. Not only in terms of possibilities and design, but also because of the size. If the usual phantoms are large with an average size of 45 cm x 45 cm x 22 cm, this application is only 10 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm (width x length x height).

The application is perfect for (further) training for a large number of skills.

The application can, in terms of coloring, be fully adapted to your wishes.


In addition, the application is very suitable in the education for sex education due to the very realistic design and feel.

The following skills can be trained:

  • Catheterization woman

  • Hygiene procedure

  • Bladder washing

  • Administer rectiole

  • Administer suppositories

  • Administer enema

  • Peristone anal irrigation

  • Change catheter bag

  • Vaginal irrigation

  • Insert vaginal suppositories

  • Insert tampon