How good it would be to train on a real patient?

A training is always a simulation. It isn’t real. How realer the training is, how better the training is.

You want to practise your skills for the moment that you have to take care for a real patient. A patient – a human being – who is depending on your help. Normaly you train on a plastic doll or phantom. It is not a real patient, it doesn’t react, doesn’t communicate with you.

How good it would be, wenn you have the posibility to train on a real patient?

You can practise your technical skills but also your social skills. The way you communicate. Maybe the patient is anxious. How do you deal with that? Maybe the patient wants to know what you are going to do? So you have to combine your technical skills with your social skills.

How good it would be wenn you see the patient, sometimes for the first time, that you exactly know what to do and how to behave, how to deal with a difficult situation?

With the Patient Simulation Suit the training is real. You train on a real patient. A great step in training practise. Neal Armstrong did his first step on the moon, you make your first step in improving your technical and social skills on your work as a healthcare professional. How good it would be?