A new innovative way to train doctors & nurses

Also learn what it's like to be a patient

By using SYMSuit as a tool that provokes natural reactions

The practice is simulated in a natural way. Both the care professional (for example a medical student, junior doctor or nurse) who performs the measure and the care professional who undergoes the measure experience this as 100% realistic.

The care professional will speak to the patient automatically. Because this is a living person. This will never happen with a plastic doll or phantom.

The care professional who undergoes the measure experiences what it is like to be a patient. This from a lying position with a totally different perspective. For example: The brain experiences the intramuscular injection as real, the body reacts as if a real injection is being administered. The same phenomenon occurs with other measures.

This offers the teacher a new innovative way of training and coaching that leads to better results. Patients will experience little to no difference. Care professionals feel many times more confident when dealing with patients and performing medical and nursing measures.

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