A new innovative way to train and coach nursing measures

By using The Medical Simulation Suit as a tool that provokes natural reactions. The practice is simulated in a natural way. Both the nurse who performs the measure and the nurse who undergoes the measure experience this as 100% realistic. The nurse will speak to the patient automatically. Because this is a living person. This […]

New: Tracheostoma Medical Silicone Application

We are proudly to present our new made Tracheostoma Medical Silicone Application. A tracheostoma should be cared for several times a day. The frequency of care depends on how “fresh” the tracheostomy or stoma is, whether the patient has a lot of sputum and if there are any complications. The aim of a good trachea […]

How good it would be to train on a real patient?

A training is always a simulation. It isn’t real. How realer the training is, how better the training is. You want to practise your skills for the moment that you have to take care for a real patient. A patient – a human being – who is depending on your help. Normaly you train on […]